Indian Village Boundaries (Maps)

Indian Village boundaries sourced from different government websites which are freely available to all the Indians. Here we have digitized them, cleaned them, added appropriate attributes so it can be used by all the researchers, students etc

The boundaries are organized by state using state ISO code. All the village boundaries are available in geojson (WGS84, EPSG4326) format. The below table gives you the status of the data as we clean and upload. Data is not perfect there as many errors both in data and boundaries. You can contribute by sending the pull requests. Please use the census names when correcting the attributes and geojson for shapes. Refer CONTRIBUTING for ways to contribute.

This projects run by Data{Meet} community. DataMeet is a community of Data Science and Open Data enthusiasts. Data{Meet} community encompass many people, ideas, projects, solutions, and challenges that using data in India presents. Join the the Google Group to be part of this community.


You can download the whole repository as a zip file to get everything you want. Using the button below.

Download Everything

If you are in exploring mode then to go to the specific state map page. In state page you can see a very rough version of the state village map and notes related to that state map. You can also download the full version state map from state page. If you just want to download the map. Right click on download link -> Save link as.

State Status Download
Bihar - BR Complete Download
Karnataka - KA Complete Download
Kerala - KL Complete Download
Goa - GA Complete Download
Gujarat - GJ Complete Download
Maharashtra - MH Complete Download 1, Download 2
Sikkim - SK Complete Download
Odisha - OR Complete Download 1, Download 2


Each state has a folder with a short name, for example state of Karnataka will have folder called ka folder. It will contain

GeoJson Attributes

Each boundary will have the following attributes

CSV Attributes


All our work will be under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). This data is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. If you find issues we are more than happy to accept corrections but please source them to an official source. Refer for ways to contribute.


Please use the following lines to attribute the maps if you use in your work. You could link instead of printing the URLs in case of web projects.

Villages Maps Provided by Indian Village Boundaries Project [] by Data{Meet}. Its made available under the Open Database License (ODbL)[].


If you have any issues with the maps, please report them on the github repository:


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