Community Created Maps of India

Community Created Maps of India sourced from different government websites which are freely available to all the Indians. Here we have digitized them, cleaned them, added appropriate attributes so it can be used by all the researchers, students etc.:

All the boundaries are available in geojson or shapefile (WGS84, EPSG4326) format. The below table gives you the status of the data as we clean and upload. Data is not perfect there as many errors both in data and boundaries. You can contribute by sending the pull requests. Please use the census names when correcting the attributes and geojson for shapes. Refer CONTRIBUTING for ways to contribute.

This projects run by Data{Meet} community. DataMeet is a community of Data Science and Open Data enthusiasts. Data{Meet} community encompass many people, ideas, projects, solutions, and challenges that using data in India presents. Join the the Google Group to be part of this community. Please refer to individual project webiste for more information on how to download, license etc

Available Maps


Assembly Constituencies


Parliamentary constituencies

State Boundaries


District Boundaries


Spatial data of Municipalities

Spatial Data of Municipalities (Maps)

Indian village boundaries

Indian Village Boundaries (Maps)