Contributing to Indian Village Boundaries

We are open to contributions. Please read DataMeet Community Code of Conduct before you start and also read our license to familiarize yourself with ODBl under which all our and your contributions will be distributed.

Referencing the Source

For any change you make please link to a source. We prefer goverment websites or websites/apps like OpenStreeMap who share the data under ODBl. You can add them to the state specific .md file, so they due credit. If they are generic then you can add it to the file.


All the village boundaries are available in geojson (WGS84, EPSG4326) format.


Each boundary will have the following attributes

How to contribute

Acceptance procedure

Adding new attribute or changing the value

Before adding any new attribute, discuss on the list. If you have any corrections to the value of attribute source it from an official goverment site or Census of India. Without reference we wont add.

Adding new state

Refer the availabe state map files online. Generally state revenue department. If they are not availabe online, request through RTI. Digitize it. Add attributes and send a pull request. Before starting a new state put an issue on the issue tracker, so other know you are working on it. Also check the status on the README file.

Reporting error

If you have any issues with the maps, please report them on the github repository. Give details and reference. One of us will pick it up.

Anything else

Start an issue on the issue tracker or email on the list.