Media Report based Non Virus Deaths

There are many deaths (Suicide, due to lockdown, lathicharge, hunger ,during migration etc) reported from the field which are related to COVID-19 disease but are not attributed to virus. Community (see credits) has collected them and organized them.

Before using this data, please note the following:

  1. This is based on media reports
  2. We only archive, scrape and parse the data


Project Visual

The main project visualization is at Non Virus Deaths


We have a google form where you can submit the incidents.

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Raw Data

We have semi parsed data availabe as CSV.

Web Archive of media

Individual articles are archived automatically on

Parsed Data

Parsed data in the form of JSON is availabe inside data. We update once a day. It has data since 2020-03-25

  "id": "2020-03-25|non_virus_deaths|17",
  "key": "2020-03-25|non_virus_deaths|17",
  "value": {
    "_id": "2020-03-25|non_virus_deaths|17",
    "_rev": "3-3381b76df61bff8c3b28276a1cffad27",
    "type": "non_virus_deaths",
    "location": "Rasingapuram",
    "district": "Theni",
    "state": "KL",
    "incident_date": "2020-03-24",
    "deaths": 4,
    "reason": [
      "Forest fire",
    "source_date": "2020-03-25",
    "source_link": " and",
    "source": ""

deaths : no of deaths reported in this specific incident report


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Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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